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Web scraping is a particular crawling technique. A crawler – also called a bot or spider – is a piece of software that has the purpose of collecting all the information necessary to automatically index the pages of a site, analyze hyperlinks and find associations between search terms and classify them. Web scraping is used to extract data from web pages and then collect them in local databases or tables for analysis.


aCrm net exploiting the web scraping techniques has designed and developed a research tool and consultation of tenders, incentives and concessions aimed at Italian companies. The tool draws data from selected and reliable sources, keeps them updated in order to show the latest news in the field of subsidized finance.

An essential tool that gives the opportunity to present to its customers the best solutions to incentivize their business.


captures, extracts and organizes the relevant data in a structured way.
The data is indexed and categorized
Data managed diachronic, i.e. updating the database must take into account changes over time.
Agents can use ip-masquerading techniques or the TOR network for web camouflage.

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