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Follow the steps below to download, configure and use our demo application for Android and iOS. If you need more information about what is MY-ID, please visit the MY-ID page or contact us.

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Set your User and Device

This process needs to be done only once. Open the MY-ID App and insert your phone Serial Number, the SMS Code and the Email Code.

TIP! How to easily find your serial number:

  • Android: go to your settings and search for Serial Number.
  • iOS: go to Settings > General Settings.

Enroll (Biometric Identity Creation)

This process needs to be done only once. It will create your biometric identity and store it securely in your device.

    • In the lower menu, click on Enroll and then the button enroll again to start the process.
    • Face Enroll: the process starts with the face enrolled. Here basically you need to be as cantered as possible and click on Enroll.
    • Voice Enroll: three random sentences between all the possible will be asked. You will see the first one on screen. Click on the small microphone icon to start registering your voice. The registration will stop automatically after some second. Click again to the microphone icon to see and register the second sentence. The same for the third.
    • If everything was correct you will come back to the main screen with the Enroll option greyed out.
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This process needs to be done every time an authentication is required and it verifies that the owner of the device (the person who did the ERNOLL) is holding the device. After your identity is validated, you have some minutes to authenticate into a platform, for example, scanning a QR Code.

TIP! The verify process can be done as many times as you want to check that your biometric information is properly stored.

    • Click on Verify but “attention”, the verification starts right away. You need to place the phone in front of you and be prepared to say one of the sentences used in the enroll process. The verify process stops automatically after a few seconds.
    • If the verification was correct, you will see a message with your name. The verification expires after some minutes (normally 15). During the verification time, it is possible to use MY-ID for authentication. When the verification expires, it will be necessary to perform the verification again in order to use MY-ID for authentication.

Authenticaticate Yourself Using MY-ID

  • Once your MY-ID user registration and MY-ID configuration are completed, insert your email in the text filed below and click the button Get QR Code
  • A unique QR Code for your user will appear on the screen. The QR Code scanning is one of the possible ways to use MY-ID for authentication. REMEMBER! It is necessary to verify your identity in order to be able to scan the QR Code.
  • Scan the QR Code. If everything is ok you will be redirected to an internal demo page. You have only few seconds to scan the code, starting the moment it is visualized on your screen (normally, 45 seconds). If it expires you will need to request the QR Code again.
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Case 1: Stolen Phone

Give your phone to someone else so this person tries to VERIFY his identity in My-ID. The verification process will fail and this person will not be able to scan the QR Code.

Case 2: Attempt to Login Another Account

In the login page insert an email of another user, for example, and click on the Get QR Code Button. Verify yourself correctly and then try to scan the QR Code returned for that email. The QR Code scan will fail blocking your access as the other person.

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