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The solution conceived for Netter has improved and optimized the company’s operational management and contributed to consolidating the relationship of trust of Netter customers.

aCrm net has created the CRM based on the needs of the Netter company by providing an associated app for shipyard workers and an app for Netter customers. 3 Entities interconnected on the one hand crm and app workers for the management and control of operations within the shipyard on the other hand the app for customers to communicate to the customer the progress of maintenance work on their boat and beyond. .



Customer and supplier data; Creation and management of estimates, offers, orders through digital catalogs of products and processes; Resource management; Warehouse management; Management and automation of input and output documentation; Planning and control of activities; Data analysis and reporting;

Workers App

The app dedicated to employees is designed to keep the planning and control of activities updated. The shipyard employees update the progress of boat maintenance through the application, keeping both the CRM and the end customer updated

Customer App

The tool that builds customer loyalty. A dedicated app that: shows the progress of the works that are in progress or have been made to your boat: 15 day weather forecast; wind indicator for navigation; Web Cam on the dock accessible by users; gate opener, the customer can access independently. Through the app it is possible to activate the gate. Opening is enabled only during the hours granted by Netter

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