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We improve the management of processes in the healthcare sector


In the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, there is a need to optimize the operating times of professionals by keeping track of internal company activities and with customers in the sector.

Medac Digitalsuite


Planning internal remote calls

Planning of internal remote calls or with customers with relative analysis on sharing documentation, duration and times of entry and exit of participants.

Campaign Management

mass sending of emails built on customizable templates with related graphics and analytics to find out who has been reached and opened the communication, construction of new leads, tracking on the click of links sent and much more.

Schedule visits and appointments

with various customers / local health authorities / doctors to discuss the sale of certain healthcare products promoted by the core business.

Creation and tracking of business projects

and events assigned to specific internal operators with certain targets, swot analysis of documents assignment and project and sub-project phases.

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What is spoofing

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