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Acrm net and Skills Group have subscribed a partnership deal in order to develop new solutions with the latest technologies merging both companies skills.
Thanks to this Partnership, we were able to offer complementary skills to each other giving to both companies customers products more and more complete and advanced, developing a huge improvement in their own company’s business fields.
Furthermore, aCrm Net and Skills have developed together a new Brand named Digitra, giving life to a new dedicated collaboration in order to offer End-to-End innovative solutions, thanks to “Digital Suite” marketing owner solutions of the brand on the specific needs of the client’s business and operative system.

The main purpose of Digitra is to improve the portfolio of digital systems and products offered shifting from the usual solutions to the innovative business options, adding value: therefore this is the real objective, the synergy between Skills and aCrm Net achieving the best results.

During the Digitra project planning phase, Skills develops all the phases of study-analysis-wireframe design in order to devise business solutions. Once the requirements are defined aCrm Net will carry on the software engineering side planning the software, hardware and cybersecurity parts of the project. During the study and analysis phase are defined all the business needs of the client, while during the project planning phase we define and develop the best User Experience/UX and the User Interface/UIs needed in order to make the final solution simpler and more intuitive, but way more effective, regularly interacting with the software engineers in order to plan solutions that are technically doable and toward performance optimization.
The development process is always the result of a tight synergy between the UI and UX designers and is usually divided into:Lo sviluppo tecnico avviene sempre in stretta sinergia con I progettisti di UI e UX e si articola di solito su:
– Back-end Module that is a Web-Management-Console in order to effectively manage all the Suite functionalities from a desktop working station of the administrative or management department.

– APP Module using dedicated Mobile Apps, in order to manage from smartphone or tablet the main functionalities needed to utilize the system from mobile or a remote position.

– Dashboard module for administrative reports with Analytics to support the administrative, and a reserved area, for the executive staff.

This project planning approach between aCrm Net and Skills allows the clients to have a great cost/effectiveness value during the development of the innovative business solution:

the rework project phase is reduced to zero, having the opportunity to aim at the development of the exact need when and where necessary, thanks to a careful study and analysis phase;
The use of IT-digital innovative solutions is made easier economically and effectively, thanks to owner platforms already developed with Digitra, often allowing to only realize the UX/UIs for the specific client, with the needed solution integrations.


aCrm Net and CBI Italia together to increase the security of Intermediaries and end users through the My-ID multi-factor biometric authentication solution!