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My-ID : Features and Benefits

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My-ID is a biometric authentication platform that has the following features summarized in the following figure:

My-ID is a Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication (MFA) technology that adds an extra layer of protection before access to corporate applications is granted.

Using a latest generation smartphone, enable access to any digital web platform after recognition of multiple biometric factors in less than 5 seconds, simply by presenting yourself in front of the mobile phone room and repeating a phrase chosen randomly by My-ID to identification.

My ID Main Features

It eliminates the dependence on passwords, tokens and pins by securely authenticating users through the analysis of two biometric factors in FIDO2 key mode, virtual and hardware tokens and mobile authenticators.

My ID The only access key is you

My-ID is a FIDO2 (Fast Identity Online 2) technology consisting of the client To Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) and the W3C WebAuthn standard, which together enable authentication where users identify themselves via cryptographic authenticators (such as biometric factors) and authenticators external (such as FIDO keys, mobile devices) at a trusted WebAuthn remote peer, the My-ID Control Panel web application (also known as the Control Panel FIDO2 server).

My-ID adds an extra layer of protection before access to corporate applications is granted. By leveraging the context of device, network and user behavior, My-ID MFA can intelligently assign risk to each logon event and allows you to create dynamic logon policies that are triggered when abnormal behavior is detected. It is sufficient to configure the services to be enabled with Biometric access on My-ID Control Panel

My ID Benefits