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The typical profile of victims in credit

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Based on the analysis of the Crif, the average amount of credit fraud detected in the first half of 2019 (4,662 euros) marked a sharp decline compared to the past: -21.4% confirming the fact that the scammers are turning to more and more modest amounts than to reduce the chances of getting caught.

But what is the profile of the victims?

According to the mapping carried out by Crif, the distribution of fraud has shown that the majority of victims are men (64.9%) while the analysis by age group showed that the greatest increase in cases concerned the age group 18-30 (+ 23.2%) and 31-40 years (+ 6.4%) while cases of fraud towards the older classes of the population decreased (51-60 -11.0% and over 60 -15.7%).

Crif analysts went further and observed the phenomenon of credit scams also from a geographical point of view.
Thus it emerged that the highest incidence of cases was recorded in Lombardy, followed by Campania, Lazio and Sicily, ahead of Piedmont and Puglia. In this case, the analysis of the first half of 2019 did not show any surprises compared to what had been mapped a year earlier with the only exception of the Lombardy-Campania tandem with the northern region which has reversed its position with Naples and its surroundings.
“The greatest increase in cases compared to the first six months of 2018 was recorded in Molise (+66.7), albeit with still modest absolute numbers, followed by Liguria (+ 13.9%), Lombardy (+ 11.2% ) and Sicily (+9.8%)%) ”, the Crif experts warned.

By comparing the number of frauds to credit disbursed, however, significant changes have emerged in some regions, with Calabria which, for example, has climbed the rankings from ninth to third position.